Taking the jobs and thesis work

As the semester comes to a close, I find myself less worried about my classes and more about my writing. I’ve gotten to the point where I haven’t written seriously in so long that my brain is half exploding from all the ideas I’m trying to keep in. Summer will definitely help with this, but I thought I would catch you guys up on what has been going on in the world of the college author.

I’ve joined the improv group here on the university which has been possibly the best decision of my academic career so far. The great thing about the troope has to be the people that I have met because of it. As a writer, I find individuals fascinating and I love meeting as many as possible just to expand my mind and experience with humanity. As an introvert, being a group dominated by extroverts it allows me to watch and enjoy without being expected to hold up the majority of conversation; though, I find I can hold up my own on stage.

The opportunity to spend time making stories on stage with the best friends I could possibly imagine is more than I ever hoped I would get out of college and yet…at least four hours a week are devoted to practice with the troope.

Another project I have been enjoying has been the launch of a website run by the owner of Sterling Tea bringing people to the world of tea. No matter how much or how little you know about tea, I suggest you check it out just because it’s a cool thing and cool things should be shared. I might be guest writing for them, so watch out for my geeky tea obsession.

Exciting things! I have an adviser for my thesis and I am very excited to get started. Basically how my thesis will break down is that it will start with extensive research on both my writing and the fantasy/adventure genre and how my novel will fit into the publishing world. Following that I will have an analysis of my research and process along with inspirations and other sources of information that I used. After that will be a synopsis, an excerpt, and then a detailed annotated outline that will follow the entire trilogy and the prequel. Needless to say, this project fills a lot of my mind’s “free time” and I am very excited to really make some headway over the summer.

Another project I am working on will be published on Smashwords and Kindle once it is finished. I will keep you updated on that as it comes closer to that point. This project is one I am doing for my wonderful roommate and it has definitely taken on it’s own life and I hope will be an enjoyable read for all.

I, again, will try to update more often as I know more and have more to share. Best!


Move in and the first few days

Wow, it’s strange to have a free moment. I have about 15 minutes, so let’s do this.

So I moved in on Wednesday and I’m glad to report that all of my worries about college and getting in here right and finding my way around, were completely unjustified. Does this mean I haven’t gotten lost a thousand times? No. Not even close. But with every time I’ve gotten lost, I’ve either met someone new (safely of course) or found a beautiful part of campus. I think I even found my thinking spot yesterday. There is a little bench on the corner of campus that overlooks a lake. It sits under a tree and is wide enough for me to sit criss-cross applesauce and because of fountain the university has placed in the water, the sounds of the roads and campus construction are all but eliminated. (Pictures to come later)

The first week “Lion Camp” has been interesting. On the first day, the brilliant little clumsy me stood in an ant pile and got lovely little bumps all up my right ankle and leg; if that’s the worst thing that happens to me in my first days of college, I have to say I’m doing pretty well.

Being away from home for the first time is difficult, but I’m coping pretty well. I honestly haven’t had the time, which I suppose is the best way to be for a little while.

I lucked out on my roommate. She is the coolest person and I couldn’t ask for more. (Example: we built a tower with Godzilla on the top out of letter mat tiles) I know so many people who come home and don’t even talk with their roommate and I managed to get one that is incredibly compatible on all aspects of the roommate agreement. In our dorm we have the answer to life (42), and she brought so many brilliant board games and together we have already thrown our first successful college party (complete with kool-aid and She’s the Man).

On the writing side of my life, well, it hasn’t started yet here. I’m still working on a schedule to work that complies with my school schedule.

Classes start on Monday and I’m pretty sure I know where my classes are and I am incredibly excited. I’ll keep you updated as I know more.