First week of classes and Canton First Monday

Okay, it’s strange being a college kid. For my entire life, I looked up to those college kids thinking that they have it all figured out. And guess what…we don’t. We wander around campus aimlessly, looking for our classes and apparently can’t attend the correct floor meeting (don’t you worry, readers, this one wasn’t me) and it amazes me how young we can act. I’ve already mentioned that my room looks like a preschool, but we have pillow fights, laughing fits, and the occasional study session, so it’s basically perfect.

The first week of classes was hectic, but I like most of my classes and all of my professors are helpful this semester.

The writing portion of the program has been interesting, there is so much inspiration and so little time. It’s so nice to live with people who are so useful to brainstorm with.

On Saturday I went with a friend and his family to First Monday in Canton. It was an absolute joy to be there, but oh goodness it was hot. I would love to go again maybe November time frame. We found a sign that I almost bought for the apartment. It read: “We are adults. When did that happen and how do we stop it?” I thought it was fitting to the general attitude of college students. It seems that we all want to grow up until we do and then we run at the speed of light in the other direction.

Week two starts tomorrow and I imagine it will get a little bit harder on lectures and studying, but I’m ready for it. Come and get me, world!